Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Check it out!

Check out the new slide show at the bottom of the page. :) Keep those layouts coming! I love seeing them. If you see an LO that catches your eye, run your mouse over it, and you'll see which template the scrapper used so that you can snag it. :)

On a related subject, I just have to tell you how fun it has been creating templates for you all. I have all the comments from the blog sent to my email inbox, and with those, in addition to the other emails I get from you all, I have about 10 emails a day telling me how awesome I am. What an upper! :) Thanks for your support! You totally make it worth it.


dixychik said...

What size would you want the layout to be? Love your work!

Erica Herzog said...

A small file is fine-something around 600 X 600 pixels would be great.