Monday, January 5, 2009

Store Closing

Unfortunately, due to some difficulties, the site where my store is located is closed. If I had been a better shopkeeper I might be upset, but as it is I am relieved. I'm sorry to those of you whom I've let down by not keeping up this blog or my store, and mostly I'm sorry that I let myself down by not making the most of the opportunities that were given to me. This past year in my non-scrapbooking life has been a wild ride, and I just wasn't able to give my hobby the time that it required. I hope you all understand. Anyway, I probably won't be doing anything with this blog, at least for a while. I still plan to scrap my own stuff, so maybe I'll see you around the digital neighborhood. Thanks to all for your support!


katieclaire2002 said...

Thanks, and best wishes!

sdwrdt said...

so sorry about your difficulties